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        about us

        We, Ningbo JIUYUAN Electronic Co. , Ltd was established at year 1995,located at Ningbo, China, where is 2 hours distance by car to Shanghai.We have a production space as 8000 square meter with 200 staff, weregard new development & quality are our best policies, there are 30engineers at our R&D team and 20 staff is in charge of quality control. We also have our own hardware process work shop & SMD lines, all oftheseguarantee our products and quality.

        JIUYUAN is one ofthe most professional companies for development &manufacturing on DC power supply at China . Our major products consist " Liner DC regulated power supply " , " Switching model power supply " , "DC-DC converter " & " Marine power supply " . All of our products areCE approved, as well as ROHS regulation.

        JIUYUAN is engaging to provide qualified products with both value-addedand cost-effective concepts in order to satisfy market requests . We notonly work as OEM partners for world famous brands, but also promoteour own brand into markets.

        JIUYUAN is your best supplier on DC power supply technology!

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